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How to choose car seat for kids

Buying car seats require thorough research as there are some legal Car view obligations that you have to know about. There are also some manufacture standards that you have to learn for buying an appropriate seat model for your car. The car seats that you buy for your kids should be easy to install and accommodate them comfortably as well. The car seats can be either attached to the vehicle using belts or LATCH system which is available in all the new vehicles. Based on the requirement you can decide on which model you want to buy.

Car seats are categorized as baby seats, toddler seats and child seats based on the age, weight and height of the children. To secure your child in a travel, it is recommended that you buy the right fit car seats for your child. Look for models of either britax pioneer or frontier car seats. Choose the appropriate one that suits age, weight and height of the child. 

Tips to choose car seat for kids

1) When you are buying car seats for the first time for your kids, choose the appropriate car seat for your kid’s age, weight and height.

2) There are three types of car seats available namely rear facing seats, front facing seats and booster seats. The rear facing seats are meant for infants. Front facing seats are ideal for two years old kids. Children over 40 lbs can use booster seats.

3) Choose seats that are easy to install and dismantle. ISOFIX car seat is safest to install; still parents have to take extra care while installing car seats to prevent any misuse. It is better to have the instructions displayed on the seat itself for easy assembling. Ensure that you store the instructions manual in the car for referring at the time of need.

4) Choose seats that are considerably cushioned and uses a good fabric that is easy to clean.

5) When your baby steps into toddler phase where the head of Car view the baby is seen above the top back, you have to switch over to toddler seat.

6) Again you will have to switch over to child’s seat when the baby grows. This is when you observe the upper belt’s position falling lower to the child’s shoulder.

7) Usage of child seat can be stopped when your child reaches the desired height mentioned in the law of your country. It is recommended that you continue using the booster seat with a proper backrest for your child till the desired height is reached.

These are basic tips that you can use to choose the best car seats for your child. Never go for reused or second hand seats as the design keeps improving every year. Keep the safety factor in mind.

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